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    I have seen Simeen periodically for about 8 years now and feel incredibly grateful that she has come into my life. She has helped me with a huge variety of health related situations, everything from chronic skin complaints (which have moved from debilitating to a minor occasional niggle thanks to her), to a life threatening blood condition.

    Most recently she was a fantastic source of advice when my husband and I were looking to conceive a baby: as usual Simeen was enthusiastic, supportive, knowledgeable and generally helpful. We conceived easily and I was blessed with a completely smooth first trimester, which I think is at least in part down to Simeen’s fantastic help.


    I have had acupuncture and herbal treatment with Simeen for approximately 18 months due to unexplained infertility. She was extremely friendly and approachable as I was very anxious about starting a treatment but she ensured that I was comfortable at all times. Simeen has a real expertise in acupuncture and treating various issues that modern medicine appears to lack. I would highly recommend Simeen for anyone who is looking for alternative therapies. I should add that after receiving treatment from Simeen I went on to have a natural pregnancy which I never achieved previously despite having treatment at some of the best ivf treatments that money could buy. Highly recommended!!!! 😊


    I have suffered severe tension for as long as I can remember, certainly since my school exams. I guessed that I was that type of person. During my thirties, my life went through a particularly stressful time with relationship and work issues. A friend of mine had been seeing an acupuncturist and told me how relaxed they had become after a course of treatments. So I met Simeen. I have not looked back. Simeen herself is a great treatment for stress. Her calmness and caring nature put me in a relaxed state every session.

    The acupuncture itself was a bit strange at first but I soon got used to it and now I swear by it. Each session takes my body and my mind into a clear place which is peaceful and healthy. Simeen's healthcare advise and her ability to diagnose and understand what is going on in my body is both profound and reassuring.

    My way of life has changed since taking up acupuncture. I now use it whenever stress rears its head or if my body needs some care or cleansing.

    I would recommend anybody to see Simeen and her wonderful needles.

    Robert Cavenar

    I lived a hectic lifestyle and had an intense, demanding job for many years. It never occurred to me that when I wanted to conceive that there may be a problem - the fatigue, lethargy, frequent headaches and functioning on insufficient sleep had become a way of life for me. After a long time being unable to conceive and lots of medical investigations, my GP suggested IVF, at which point my partner said that first, I should do the best I could to support my body's ability to conceive.

    That's when I first consulted Simeen. I had regular appointments for a year, with both acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and I started to feel different. The changes were sometimes so subtle and gradual that it was hard to know, as a lay person, what was happening. But my dietary habits and digestion changed - somehow my body craved what it needed, good stuff, my sleep improved and everyone commented on how my complexion had changed, with more colour and that I seemed to be lighter and have more vitality. My menstrual cycle became extremely regular and predictable - for the first time since my periods started during adolescence. I also have hypothyroidism, and had been on the same dose of Thyroxin for over 10 years, monitored regularly by my GP. After a year, my blood test results showed that my body had started to produce more thyroxin of its own accord, and my GP adjusted the dosage of my medication - reducing it by nearly half in gradual steps. She said this was very unusual, but did not offer an explanation.

    Within 12-14 months of starting acupuncture and herbs, I was pregnant. Simeen was calm, gentle, incredibly patient and quietly assuring throughout my treatment - and throughout my pregnancy and labour! I had a home birth and my birth plan was to have no pain relief at all, but it included acupuncture. During labour, Simeen gave me acupuncture to facilitate the contractions. I still remember how surreal, even magical, the experience was, at home, with my partner by my side - and in the midst of my shouting, Simeen was like a soothing, gentle presence in the background. She calmly tolerated my abandoned yelling and swiftly, intuitively and confidently gave me acupuncture with the lightest of touches. It was as if she knew my body so well, and what I needed, and when. A year later, I conceived again and gave birth to my second child.

    There is definitely something to be said for acupuncture and Chinese herbs for gynaecological difficulties...but I strongly believe it is the therapist as well as the method that is crucial. Simeen works with incredible knowledge and experience, but more than that - without doubt, she is gifted, working with a human touch and a level of insight and intuition unsurpassed by other therapists I have come across before and since.


    I had acupuncture treatment with Simeen. Simeen listened to what I wanted to achieve with the treatment and carried it out very conscientiously, with a friendly, professional and calm manner. I was very happy with the treatment and would gladly recommend her to others.


    I’ve been maintaining an autoimmune disease/hypothyroidism with several other nuisances like herpes, etc, etc, for the past fourteen years. My autoimmune disease has gradually worsened despite all my careful efforts. Every now and then I hit a wall and feel debilitated and so fatigued then I remember Simeen again. She’s been my safety net so I don’t fall through. I love her formulas - they always hit the spot and pick me up again. I trust them so much now that I even drink the stuff with enthusiasm because I know they will help.

    Thank you Simeen


    I saw Simeen for almost a year and it was the best decision regarding my health I could have ever made! I can remember the first time I saw Simeen, I was very stressed and emotionally drained as I had undergone failed fertility treatment and I was very close to losing hope. Simeen had a very soft and caring approach that went above and beyond her scope of practice, such that I really felt that there was someone else with the same aim as me, trying their level best to reach success. I underwent an assessment and Simeen was able to accurately identify troublesome areas, recommending both acupuncture and herbs to remedy the problem. I was dubious at first, but gained more and more confidence with each session.

    Simeen would always be available for advice on any situation that may cause me stress and I felt that my worries were halved, I could always discuss the smallest concerns with her knowing that I would get useful, accurate advice based on sound knowledge and experience. I quickly started feeling physically and emotionally better and stronger.

    I stopped seeing Simeen as I relocated out of the area, but Simeen was always on hand for sound advice and was happy to discuss my therapy with my new acupuncturist. I fell pregnant with the aid of acupuncture and conventional treatment for the first time within a year of seeing Simeen, and I am sure that it would not have been successful without Simeen's help.

    Simeen I cannot thank you enough for your unfounded knowledge, experience and support, your caring and sincere nature and being someone that I will always consider a dear friend. I can only ever wish you the very best, and I hope that I will continue to see you in the future."


    I have been treated by Simeen with both Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

    As a chronic pain sufferer I have Fibromyalgia, Bilateral Carpel Tunnel, Bilateral Plantar Fasciitis, Degenerative Bone Disease of the spine and Sciatica very badly and the only thing that relives it is the acupuncture treatment that I receive from Simeen.

    I also have both join and nerve pain and conventional medicine can only prescribe pain medication whereas the treatment that I receive from Simeen actually enables me to function and have some semblance of a normal life. When my back has been too painful for me to be needled Simeen has given me ear acupuncture which, while I cannot explain to you how it works I have been amazed at how effective it has been in reducing my pain levels. I would highly recommend Simeen for both her treatments in Chinese herbs and acupuncture as well as cupping. All of which have been effective in my pain management. Whilst conventional medicine is unable to do anymore for me, I have found acupuncture and Chinese herbs to offers me the relief that enables me to function on a daily basis. Simeen is a very caring practitioner who is sensitive and one of the very few people who I trust with my back and body as she treats it like it is her own. She has an intuitiveness about my health issues which is something I value very highly as it is very rare to come across this in a practitioner.

    Jasmine North West London

    I have been seeing Simeen for a fortnight and weekly acupuncture about 4-5 months before I conceived for the first time. I was recommended to see Simeen as I suffered from some bad side effects of unsuccessful fertility treatment in previous year. I had a lot of discomfort with my breasts and other symptoms. I also needed help following a joint operation.

    When I started seeing Simeen it was to help dealing with these symptoms. I was not planning on IVF. After a few sessions Simeen managed to cure my symptoms in particular with my painful breasts and also my period got regulated. She also helped with post op recovery and reduced pain. Then 2-3 months into seeing Simeen I was offered IVF treatment, which I never had before. Simeen then gave me usual acupuncture sessions concentrating on relaxing and increasing chances of conception. She was very supportive an and very nice.

    When I started IVF, I was seeing Simeen regularly through each stage of the treatment. I just relied on what she would do. The sessions were very relaxing. When I had the transfer I was seeing Simeen around the time of the transfer. I conceived first time on IVF. After I got pregnant I was seeing Simeen to maintain things.

    I am now in my second trimester. Simeen’s sessions were so relaxing and reassuring. She is very involved in every patient and tailors the treatment for the each need. I feel that there is a connection. I strongly recommend Simeen for the fertility treatment and any other help. She is very caring and studious and I feel that such environment is very helpful.


    I had acupuncture for a whole year; initially once a week then fortnightly. At the beginning all I wanted was to counter-act an enormous amount of stress I was going through at the time. I knew I had needed help and wanted an ancient and natural approach.

    During the course of my treatment we treated my IBS (always connected to the stress!), checked my menstrual cycles, fatigue that was giving me tiny heart palpitations and once I even went for an acupuncture facial. Often people commented how refreshed I looked; as if I had a holiday. I knew the treatment was working as I slept so well afterwards and felt very calm.

    Simeen is one of the nicest acupuncturists in the world! She listens to your concerns carefully; has a deep knowledge of Chinese medicine and treats you with a gentle touch.
    As soon as you walk into her room you feel better!

    Sandra Covickovic, London

    I've been happily getting treatments from Simeen for the past few years .
    It started with occasional pain & aches that I experienced in my muscle and joints particularly in lower back & neck areas. Few sessions of treatments (mainly acupuncture) with Simeen, always relieved me from pain and brought my body & mind to a normal healthy condition.

    Each time I went for a treatment with Simeen, I knew that my body is in very good hands and I came out feeling more balanced, energized and relaxed.

    I highly recommend Simeen if you are looking for a professional & caring practitioner to help you to go through the changes from pre to post menopause.
    The acupuncture treatments I got from Simeen during those periods, prepared my body, mind & spirit for a truly smooth transition, avoiding most of the unpleasant symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, and a feeling of being “wired and tired” at the same time.

    I am so impressed by Simeen's acute sense of what is going on for me under the surface, coupled with a very professional approach and a very pleasant character, that I have become a regular client of her.

    Leyla Amini

    “I’ve been seeing Simeen as a herbalist, acupuncturist and qi gong instructor for over 10-years. I love my acupuncture sessions with Simeen – I respond well to her gentle and patient nature and I look forward to the half hour when I can lie on the massage table and drift off undisturbed, allowing the needles to work their magic.

    I’ve seen Simeen when I’ve felt low emotionally and physically; stressed, wired and unable to sleep; with heavy and painful periods and for back and neck aches. I feel safe and comfortable with her and confident in her knowledge of Chinese Medicine that she will work with my body accordingly.

    I’m very grateful for the time that she has given me over the years, and I am thankful for her compassion and understanding which has meant so much when I’ve felt so low.”

    Cath Walker

    The first time I went to see Simeen, I was going through lots of stress and agitation in my life but the main reason why I had a treatment with Simeen was for my spots in the back and chest area. Rather than being prescribed tablets by a GP, I wanted to cure myself as a whole in a more natural way. Simeen made me realize that everything is related: she worked on my stress level with acupuncture and on my spots with a concoction of Chinese herbs. The session with Simeen always left me calm and relaxed. She has very gentle, soothing ways about her and she creates a serene environment where I felt comfortable.
    After few months of regular acupuncture and bitter Chinese herbs tea drinking, my skin cleared out. Nowadays, I have few spots here and there but nothing compared to what it used to be.
    Thank you Simeen for calming me and my spots down.


    Simeen's Chinese herbal knowledge and acupuncture expertise covers all areas of the human body's physical, mental and emotional symptoms/conditions and from my own personal experience has always only produced incredible healing results.
    I highly recommend Simeen, one of London's best acupuncturists and herbalists.

    Danny Gallagher

    I have known Simeen for several years and always admired and recognized her total commitment and professionalism to help me. Her herbal treatment and knowledge have helped me tremendously.
    I have received acupuncture several times, which helped my backache and encouraged my relaxation.
    Her ability to truly listen and her calm nature always keep me going back to her.
    Many thanks

    Ulli Hohn

    I came to Simeen at a very stressful time for me after a recommendation from a friend. Through regular treatments over 2 years, Simeen combined her acupuncture skill with a calm, caring nature to create a powerful healing space for me. I would recommend her to anyone.


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