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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine. Raw herbs display

    Traditional Chinese Medicine has its roots in more than two thousand years of practice and it remains with us today as one of the most respected and widely used forms of therapy. For centuries, generations of doctors and scholars have gained detailed information and clinical experience of medicinal herbs, forming an unprecedented body of knowledge available to the modern practitioner and enabling high standards of practice and safety.

    Here in the west Chinese Herbs are selected for their quality and to ensure that endangered species and illegal or highly toxic substances and animal products are avoided. The Chinese Medicine Association of Suppliers is committed to the provision of authenticated high quality herbs and herbal products. These herbs are selected under strict quality control and with stringent guidelines as to their use. These guidelines are continually updated in the light of any modern scientific research.

Chinese Herbal Medicine. Chinese herbs 2

    The remedies are taken in the form of herbal formulas, which are carefully balanced to meet the individual needs of the patient. They can be used to help restore balance to the body during times of illness or supplements to maintain health and longevity.

Chinese Herbal Medicine. Herbal decoction

    Formulas can be taken in the form of a decoction, powders, teas and capsules. They can be used singularly or in conjunction with acupuncture or western medicines.

    A detailed assessment procedure is undertaken to select a specific course of Chinese Herbal Medicine specifically designed for the client’s needs. The patient is closely monitored and the herbal formula is often modified as the person progresses.

    Chinese herbal remedies are used for many problems varying from infertility and gynaecological issues, skin conditions, digestive problems, respiratory and circulatory, arthritic pain, thyroid imbalance, infections etc

    Prescriptions are provided from suppliers approved by the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine.
    Visit Phoenix Medical website
    Visit Shulan website
    For more information and research please visit the RCHM website

Chinese Dietary Therapy

Chinese Herbal Medicine. Chinese Dining

    The energetics of food and the use of food to treat disease is a time-honoured tradition in the Orient and one of the main branches of Oriental Medicine. The nature and effects of foods have been observed for centuries and can be a useful aid to health maintenance as well as assisting the healing process.

    Foods have been identified by their temperature as being heating or cooling in nature, or by their ability to dry or moisten. Some have been seen to create mucus and phlegm in the body and should be reduced or avoided. Other foods are known for their ability to promote the immune system, whilst others are famed for their ability to unblock obstructions and accumulations and create the free flow of vital energy.

    The practitioner can guide you to slowly become aware of your own eating habits and suggest alterations to your diet which you are able to comfortably manage so that you can improve your eating habits at your own pace.

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